Construction Started in 2004

The Groves at the Villages of Wetherington Conominium Association, Inc., incorporated in the State of Ohio, had its ‘Phase One’ construction started in 2004. The fourth and final stage of the development was completed in 2006. ‘The Groves’, for short, was the third residential association out of a planned five ‘villages’.

‘The Greens’ and ‘The Commons’ were first and second associations respectively followed by ‘The Groves’. ‘The Forest’, which is almost complete, is the fourth association. ‘The Woods’ once it is developed will make up the fifth and final residential ‘village’. The Villages of Wetherington Condominium Association is the ‘master’ association; and, it is a non-residential entity.


‘The Groves’ is made up of 13 buildings constituting 52 units that sit on approximately 7 acres of land in the city of Wooster, Ohio. Currently, 50 of the 52 units serve as primary homes for our owners. Our Association does not allow rentals or leases of any of the units per Declarations.







Down On the Farm

We are living on what used to be referred to as “The Fike Farm”. Before Lucille & Walter Fike owned the land that ‘The Groves’ currently occupies, it was owned by Belle & Joseph Stoll; and, before the Stoll’s, the land was owned by Catherine & Samuel McAfee. The McAfee’s leased some mineral rights to the land way back in 1911 when their farm was far away from the growing city of Wooster. Today, the son of Lucille & Walter still lives in the old white farmhouse that sits on a 2.617- acre parcel of the original farmland. The Fike Farm with its cornfields was sold to Weaver Custom Homes in the 1990’s & thus the Villages of Wetherington Condominium Association was created.

The Concept

The basic concept of condo-owners association is it serves as the cornerstone of a planned residential community. It brings continuity and order to the community, it preserves the architectural integrity and it maintains the common elements. Properly managed, the association promotes the concept of “community” and protects the neighborhood’s property values.

Condo-owners Association

The condo-owners association is responsible for the management and operation of the association’s business affairs - all in accordance with standards established by the governing documents. The Board of our non-profit organization has the authority and control to carry out these defined duties and responsibilities.

Board of Directors

Members of our association Board of Directors serve without compensation. The board’s authority includes all of the powers and duties enumerated in general law and documents governing the association. The members of the board of directors and each officer of the association have a fiduciary relationship with the members of the association. This fiduciary relationship imposes obligations of trust and confidence in favor of the corporation and its members. It requires the members of the board to act in good faith and in the best interests of the members of the association.

Director's Duties

  • Enforce the documents

  • Establish sound fiscal policies and maintain accurate records

  • Develop a workable budget, keeping in mind the needs, requirements and expectations of the community

  • Establish reserve funds

  • Act on budget items and determine assessment rates

  • Collect assessments

  • Establish, publicize, and enforce rules and penalties

  • Appoint committees and delegate authority to them

  • Select an attorney, an auditor, insurance agent and other professionals for the association

  • Provide adequate insurance coverage, as required by the bylaws and local governmental agencies

  • Inform members of important board decisions and transactions


From the time ‘The Groves’ was turned over from the developer, Weaver Custom Homes, to the owners to operate in November 2005, the Association has been self-managed by its owners.

An integral part of the self-management is through the association’s committees. Committees have many purposes and benefits. Aside from helping reduce board-member burnout, they can prepare members to serve on the board; let prior board members remain active as association volunteers; allow members to be active and involved in condo issues and operations; and allow the board to take advantage of the wide range of talents and expertise available via condo unit-owners.

Committees, such as our Administrative, Finance, Grounds, Buildings/Roads & Social provide the community the ability to prepare for preventative maintenance, future capital improvements, financial or investment planning, buildings, roads and driveways and grounds (landscaping common areas).

VOLUNTEERISM-(Sociology): “The principle of donating time & energy for the benefit of other people in the community as a social responsibility rather than any financial gain”. (Source: The Free Dictionary by Farlex-online).



As ‘The Groves’ looks ahead, we are committed to continue to operate as a self-managed association. We are excited about getting an updated Reserve Study, launching our website and updating payment options for monthly assessments while continuing to foster the spirit of a welcoming community!